New Story Release and Novel Update

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give a quick shout out and let everyone know the great news. Today saw the release of my newest short story, Without A Ticket. This is the first of four short stories that will be released over the next four months. They all revolve around the same theme and are prequels to an upcoming novel that I will write possibly later this summer or fall. All four stories will also be collected in an anthology to be released this fall.

Further news allows me to report on the current status of my Traveling Merchant story called "The Price of Solitude". I finished drafting the novel last week and am currently working through the first round of edits. The story should be out to beta readers as early as this coming weekend. After that process, it will go through another round of edits and then into the production stages.

For this novel, I am looking to work with a professional artist who will be doing concept art for the characters and possibly the world that this story is set in. As those come along I am looking forward to sharing the results with you and excited to get my character Merchant out in both story and visual mediums.

It's an exciting time right now, and I'm seeing many great things coming out for the second half of 2017.