Another New Day

NanoWrimo is finally over. The month of November has been completed and yes, I AM A WINNER! Did I write fifty thousand words during the month?


Did I complete my novel?

No, but I didn’t really think I would. I would have been surprised if my novel would have been finished in that short amount, but I never dictate what the story will do on its own. I let it tell me where it wants to go, and as I suspected, this one is more than a single month journey. But, this is a tale better saved for another post. Today I am here to announce something better.

The long awaited, many times written, too long delayed release of my novel DARK SECRETS is finally upon us. All the drafting is done, the rewrites, the editing, the nights of ripping my hair out. All of them have come to this. As early as next week, the long awaited sequel to DARK CHOICES will be available world wide and I am here to show off the cover and back cover copy for your enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.



One Last Mission

One Final Assignment

The world of Azhana fell twenty-five years ago. In a rage of flame and magic, the world was torn apart and those that lived through the devastation have fought for every inch of soil they can still call their own.

Coleena Armigera, Captain in the Azhanian Armed Forces, knows firsthand the horrors that ravaged this world all those years ago. Since then she has fought to keep the Dragon and its minions at bay.

Now, the danger has returned home. Not on the front line or the battlefield, but in the cities where those who remain seek shelter from the monsters that hunt them.

Find the Enemy.

Protect the People.

Beware the