Dark Choices

When blood of the innocent fills the river that flows…
The world will know the powers hidden within the shadows…

The world of Asana burns with the fires of war. The Republic marches east with dreams of spreading their beliefs and the righteous power of their god, while the free countries of Asana struggle to keep their lands and people from living under the scrutiny of a church they will not follow.

Sgt. Brett Giles of the Republic and his team find themselves across enemy lines more often than they are home. Mission after mission leaves them treading through a river of blood, one they may soon find filled with their own. Blamed for crimes they did not commit, saving themselves will become the hardest mission they have ever faced as their lives are no longer the only ones that hang in the balance.

Sgt. Charlie Movila, Sgt. Will Coffey, and the rest of the Asanian soldiers of Fort Frozen Heart persevere with courage alone through harsh mountain conditions, a lack of adequate supplies, and being outnumbered more than ten to one. When their world falls apart in a wall of flames, they will need to find power in themselves to survive a war where the lines of battle are no longer clear, the enemy is the last person you would expect, and the ones who see the sun rise again are those who make the..