Daily Writing

Hi Everyone,


Today hopefully is a sign I am really on the mend. Other than a very infrequent cough that doesn’t hurt like it used to, I’ve been my normal self. Even my exhaustion is mostly gone other than that of a father with a young newborn at him. Biggest difference for me today was my out of house work that I had to do. Over thirteen hours of it. I did not return home until late in the evening and after taking care of my son, it left me with no time for dinner and little to write. It is what it is though. I did find my way onto the computer for a total of seventeen minutes and so I did get my writing in. I’m hoping that as I get closer to the weekend and the holiday I’ll be able to sneak in some longer days and get some good word counts in. But we’ll see.

But for today’s update:

Day 125: 721 words

Current WIP: Blood Vows (Tentative)