Daily Writing

Hi Everyone,


Today was a better day. Feel much better, but was definitely a lot busier than normal. Some of my new office area is finally together, but it has a long way to go. At least this lets me not have to write on my laptop while laying on the floor in my living room. Plus the computer in the office is so much better when updating a post here on my website. It’s a pretty decent rig and can handle a lot of what I throw at it.

As for my writing, it is late as usual. I got my minimum for what I am looking for during the month of May. June I will be looking to update that to a higher count for the month. Right now I look for a minimum of 700 words a day. Some days I do not get that, but many other days I go so far beyond it that it makes up for anything that might fall short. June I will push for 800 words a day. My goal will be to keep increasing my daily count until I’m finally doing a Nano every month. For those who do not know that is a little over 50,000 words a month. That would get me to a novel every 2 1/2 months. Which is a pace that I will like.

But for today’s update:

Day 125: 746 words

Current WIP: Blood Vows (Tentative)