Daily Writing



Logging in on my laptop that I do some of my late night writing on. Big problem with this laptop is it can barely keep up with my typing when I’m updating something like my website. It does fine for actual story drafting, but once you add in websites and everything that goes along with it, it gets really, really bogged down. That is why on nights like this I will be keeping things short. I’d rather not spend twenty minutes writing and thirty minutes trying to write a post on what happened to me during those twenty minutes.

As for today, I am really struggling with a cold. It has been successfully moving from my chest to my head so I am dealing with draining sinuses and a lot of sneezing. I’m hoping I can kick this over the next few days. I could use some better rest. Other than that I am about 1/3 of the way through setting up my new office area in my house. This will help me get to my writing projects a little easier than it currently is where I’m writing while laying on the floor in the living room. The library I will be building around me with all my books will be great as well. I’ll be glad to show it off once I’m finished.

Until then, I did get my some writing in today. Late as usual, but that is the name of the game. This Journey has been a lot longer than it has ever been for me and I can see the success of a little each day growing. 

Day 123: 718 words.

Current WIP: Blood Vows (Tentative)