Website Updates

Hi Everyone,

Looks like I’m going to try and return to this. As anyone who has looked at the various versions of this website and blog over the years, it is obvious that I am not the greatest at doing this blogging thing. I’m a busy many. I have limited time between work, parenting, writing, and normal everyday things. If I’ve got 15-20 minutes, why would I spend it jumping on here to do a blog if I’ve got time to write more of my current WIP? That question has always bogged me and stopped me from even attempting to do a blog.

The big problem is that it makes this website rather stale. I’m even behind on updating my current stories that are out there for sale. I can upload three more right now. They are out there and ready to be purchased. How about you stop right now, open a new tab, and go do that. I’ll wait. This website will still be here.

Now that you’ve returned, I’m looking to keep this more updated. I’ve been doing a lot of work on the website called 4thewords. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am really big on gaming though I have absolutely no time to do that anymore. This website has turned writing into a game. Which to be honest I barely have time for that part of it, but I’m making progress. What it has helped with though is making me get to my computer to write every single day. I’ve actually moved onto 120 consecutive days. That is almost officially 4 straight months without missing a day. I’ve got two WIPs going and one of them is rapidly approaching 100k words and completion. That means a new novel for you all very soon.

With that, I’ve joined two challenges over the last couple of months to report on the daily writing. This has gotten me to not only write everyday, but to also report almost blog style everyday for the last 50 days or so. This gave me an idea. Why don’t I do that on my blog? It’s the one place on the entire internet that is dedicated to me. My content. Whatever I want to say and write.

So, that is what I plan to do. Here on this blog I will use it as a way to keep reporting what I’m doing daily for my writing. Even if it’s little more than a sentence or two I will report it. Other days it might become a full fledged blog post with thoughts and ideas. Maybe even some challenges. We’ll see. Lots of other updates will come to so stick around and let’s do this together.

Today is:

Day 120 Check In:

Was able to write every now and then through the day. Lots of work done around it, but 5 minutes here, 10 there around lunch. A good total to finish with. Now I can enjoy the rest of my evening.


Day 120: 2575 words