NanoWrimo 2022 Prep

Nanowrimo 2022 November is almost here. If you are a writer, you know exactly what that means. One Month. 1666 words a day. One novel. Hundreds of throusands of participants from all over the world take on the challenge to
complete a novel in a single month. From first time writers to those who have written dozens
or more novels. I myself have taken part in this competition a good half-dozen times. I have
also participated as a Municiple Lieason for the majority of those years. This gives me a
bit of a unique look at how this challenge works, who participates, and what it takes to
actually complete the novel in a month. That is why I am here to offer hints on how to
complete the challenge and some advice on who should and possibly who shouldn't compete for
those who are thinking about taking on the challenge called NANOWRIMO 2022. Tips and Tricks to win in 2022: 1) You must write. That is the biggest advice and only one what will get you through NanoWrimo. It is as
simple as that. If you do not write, no amount of planning and plotting, talking or thinking
will get you to a novel or 50,000 words before the end of the month. There are so many tips and tricks about how to plan and do all kinds of things. None of
it works if you do not type in the words. 1666 a day. Simple as that. If you do not write,
you do not win this challenge. 2) Enjoy the pressure of a challenge. Nanowrimo in its basic is an event that works to push
you out of your comfort zone and get you to aim for a target and press until you reach it.
Some people enjoy that feeling, others do not. Depending on how fast you write, 1666 words
can be an hour worth of work, or a couple of hours. So a challenge. You have to enjoy that pressure. If you do not find a drive in that feeling, Nanowrimo is
not really for you. The entire month is dedicated to writing what can be one to several hours
EVERY day. Some can take a day or two off, but that is they get ahead. Until you hit 50,000
words, there is the need to write. If this does not sound like a fun time, there is no need to do it. In almost ten years of
being involved, I can see this one thing being the biggest issue. The pressure. Once people
fall behind, it builds and crushes. Find an enjoyment in the pressure, the challenge. Conquer that and you are on a good path
to victory. 3) Priorities Writing has to become a priority. I myself can attest to this being almost as big as #1.
If you do not make it a priority, anything and everything will make its way in to stop you
from writing. My wife put it the correct way. What would you do if your toilet was leaking? Would you
let it sit until you get whatever else is on your mind done? No, you wouldn't? You would take care of it right away before even thinking of what you
were planning to do. It would be done first. Your writing needs to become like this. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? It can be, but
Nanowrimo is a good time to try. One month of the year. Not all year, or your entire life.
Dedication for thirty days. If you can do this, make writing a true priority, your shot at
completing Nanowrimo is that much greater. 4) Don't wait until the time is perfect. Life is busy. Everyone in this world can find a way to fill their time. Who can count how
many ways there are to distract yourself? Social Media. TV. Doing the laundry. Everything
that wants a piece of you, and you probably want a piece of it. I can't blame you. I do the
same myself. A father of two young boys, I have things spinning a mile a minute and that doesn't even
count work and the rest of the world. I sit here typing this blog post for the fourth or
fifth time today. Not because I've gone back and forth on what to say, but because I'm
sneaking in a few minutes here and there. Five minutes while while I have glassware
sanitizing on the stovetop. Ten minutes while I'm waiting for lunch to cook and cool in the
microwave. I keep my Freewrite right where I can get to it quickly. Words down as I wait. By the end
of the day it all adds up. I can't wait for the "muse" to hit. Or for myself to have an hour
to write while it is quiet and I have my favorite coffee on hand. The writing waits for no one as the world will not wait either. If I want to make this
work, I have to do the work myself, and so do you. Nanowrimo is a great challenge. Its whole point is to help aspiring writers learn to get
past everything that stops you and realize your dream of writing a novel. Completing a month
of writing everyday. Following the simple steps above as they are outlined and you'll get to
December as both a winner and with a habit that can carry you into the next year. The holidays are the worst for keeping a streak going, but the above steps can help
restart even after those. Sit down and write. Enjoy the pressure of the project. Make writing the priority. Don't wait for the perfect moment. Everyone can find a way to write. It doesn't have to be a novel. Short stories, poems,
flash fiction, all of it is an art that so many in this world enjoy. There are many items,
programs, and courses out there that promise to teach the ways to get it done. Follow these
simples steps and you've already got the hard work behind you.