Merchant is Coming!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to report that as of now I am done with my novel called Merchant. It is off to my editor's hands and I am awaiting a response from him over the next several weeks. Until then I am working on my next novel which I would tell you the name if I had one at all. At this moment I'm just writing and letting the story take me where it does. It is set within the same world that Dark Choices is set in and continues five years after the rising of the dragons.


Who knows where the story will take us and I’m hoping you will become as excited as I am about the possibility of returning to the land of Asana and seeing what humanity does now that the dragons have arisen and man is no longer the top dog of the food chain.

On other notes, I would like to say that I’ve been working with a great artist named Taylor Payton. You can find his work here,

Working with him we’ve created a damn good piece of concept art for Merchant. It kind of gives a sneak peak into where you will all be heading once the new novel comes out.

Take a look and soon I will be able to give you all more information as the edits come back and I get further art back for the cover to Merchant’s first full length story.