Hello, All Again,


Looks like it has been a bit since my last report. That doesn't surprise me, I have a hard time making it back to the computer to update the blog. I spend more time behind the keyboard writing my next story than I do updating this blog. I figure people prefer to read my stories than a few ramblings here on the blog. Maybe one day I'll figure out what I need to do to keep myself busy with it. I'll even try to think of a theme after a while but until then I may as well just give updates and the occasional ramblings.


So what is going on? Well, I'm in the middle of two different challenges at the moment. The first started in March with a forum that I visit often called Worldsmyths: A haven for Fantasy Writers. They started a forum summer goal of One Million words written. The whole site is working together to write a million words before the end of August. I'm pretty sure we are doing well getting to that. My second challenge is Camp NaNoWriMo for April. This month I am looking to write 50,000 words like I do in November. For both challenges, I felt it was a good time to get going on the sequel to Merchant. I am really pounding away at this novel and am well over 30,000 words into it. I'm shooting for 80,000 words like Merchant was so I'm right near the mid-point word count wise. The story is humming along nice and fast and I'm loving it. This novel will be called Pestilence: Traveling Merchant Book Two. I fully expect this one to be out in August 2018.


My other update is I have a new release coming out. In May (probably around the 4th) my book Dark Choices will be releasing. For those who've been with me since the beginning will recognize that this is a re-release of my first published novel. The book was taken down for rebranding as I'm now being published under my given name. The cover is great and I have always enjoyed the story. For any readers that have read it before, there is no change to the story. I didn't even touch that part but for those who haven't this will be a great time to jump in as the sequel to this book is scheduled for a Feb. 2019 release.


This one will be hard to miss at the bookstores. The cover is fantastic and I have been loving working with my new cover artist. His style works great with mine.


That is enough for me though. I've got a lot of writing ahead of me and can't wait to get started.


Until next time.