A weekend has passed and more time to realize how much left I have to do.

Merchant is out. I could not be any happier about this novel. People who have it already cannot tell me anymore how much they are enjoying the book and I know my personal stock of books for those who want signed ones will be arriving soon. I'm really excited for people to read it and to just have a copy myself. It is a nicely designed book both inside and out.

This weekend you can see the remnants of my new side hobby. I love table top RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder and I've always had a thing for minis. Now while I can I will find time to paint them. I'll share them here when I get the chance. I like these two because they were simple. I'm no expert at this but I do it for fun.

I've been thinking a lot about the writing as I keep moving along. Currently working on a new fantasy novel set in Buffalo, NY and I look forward to seeing where the story is going. There have been so many changes to it already and I'm not even 10,000 words into it. Going to push on as I've got a soft deadline for April 16th that I have to meet for the cover design for the book. There will be a bunch of work that will need to be done after but if I can get the first draft done I'll have enough to work with the great artist who has done Merchant for me. I don't even know if this story is going to be a series or not. I will have to see how the book finishes but there is nothing wrong with a good standalone. Is there?


Hope you are all doing well,