A New Site A New Release

Looks like the start of my site revamp isn’t looking too bad. I’ve been so picky with this site over the last couple years I’ve never really had a chance to make it what I wanted. Now I’m just going to make due with what I have and improve it as I learn. So as time goes I will be doing what I can to update and improve this site. I have not goals or ideas but as they come to me I will try them. Hopefully most will work and I know some will not. What else is there better to do than try?

One thing I would like to announce other than another new attempt at making this site what I want it to be is that I have a new release.

Merchant: Traveling Merchant Book One

Merchant has been one of my favorite characters to write and I look forward to having you all get to know him. This book will of course be available at all your favorite websites. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc. Over the next month it will make its way onto shelves. I will have editions available in my soon to be created website in both ebook and print. Your favorite indie bookstore can also order the books by ordering from Ingram and it would be a great way to get a copy for yourself and support your favorite local business.

Hope you all enjoy your reading.